HOLY GRAIL! Matte Red Lips & How To Choose Your Shade!

Recently I have become infatuated with Kylie Jenner's Instagram pics and I noticed most off the time she does a simple black cat wing and bold matte lips. Like this:

I became obsessed with trying to find the perfect matte red lipstick that works for me in order to recreate this look. Since I do not like to be touching up every 5 minutes and checking mirrors to make sure my lips are not smudged, I needed something that would last long and stay as vibrant as when I applied it.

Now keep in mind that choosing the right shade of red with the correct undertones is vital. Most people say red lips are not for them because most will usually end up picking a random shade. The reason it does not look right is not because red lipsticks were not made for you but rather because it probably does not compliment your skin tone very well due to it's undertone. In this video you can get an understanding of undertones and accurately pick your shade of red.

Back to what I started off writing the lipstick I discovered, or not so much discovered as got on board the Lime Crime train, is the Velvetines!!!

These AMAZING lippies are only available in various colors. They are completely vegan, these two reds differ in the sense that Suedeberry (pictured above) is a red with a warm undertone and Red Velvet has that cool undertone. 

I would not recommend this product to people with dry, chapped lips just because matte lipsticks tend to dry your lips a bit more so if your lips are chapped you would have to put gloss over them and it would defeat the purpose of buying a MATTE lippie. If you are one of those girls that have a neutral undertone and can rock both shades then I would recommend the red velvet just because it has a cool undertone and will help brighten your smile! (It is not miraculous! But it will make your teeth seem a shade or two brighter in photos ;) )

Clearly this is now my new FAVORITE matte red lipstick, it is the most matte red that I have found and lasts soooo long! I put it on in the morning went out, had a nice dinner later on with my family and it still looked as if I had applied it 5 minutes ago! It does feel a little weird because your lips feel dry, it took me some time getting used to it but the look is great!!!
Here are some pics I took in the car on my way into town :) (Since I have a neutral undertone I chose to go with the shade Red Velvet which works well with my pale skin)