My Favorite Makeup Brand!

100% Pure is probably my new favorite place to order makeup from! I tend to breakout easily with low-quality makeup products (and even some high end stuff) so when I found a brand that not only worked with my skin but improved it I was beyond words. I wanted to find a company that used natural ingredients with no comedogenic oils and no artificial dyes, which is hard because makeup is just liquid/powder with dyes to match your skin tone. But this company uses fruits, plants, etc. to dye its products... AMAZING! In addition it uses ingredients that help your skin get better. When I first heard of this, my thoughts were, "Sounds great but that 'natural' stuff never works," but on the contrary it actually serves its purpose and aids your skin too. Here's a list of what I purchased...

Gel Eyeliner - Black Tea $21
Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream - $21
Luminous Primer $28
Jasmine Green Tea Moisturizer - $32
Tinted Moisturizer - Creme $35
Foundation Powder - Creme $28

My #1 most favorite... The Gel Eyeliner, this baby has nothing on any product from Sephora or MAC the consistency is great and allows you to create a perfectly sophisticated line or even a cat wing to add some drama!


The jasmine green tea moisturizer is for normal to dry skin but they have a cream for every skin type!

Since my face doesn't need heavy coverage, I figured I would try the tinted moisturizer. Now for coverage, its probably a 2 on a scale of 1-5 but it evens your complexion and made my face look better by the week!

*Not sponsored I'm just hooked on this company!


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